Meet the Royals

Maybe you recognize some of the faces you see on the blog, but not all. You've come to the right place, my friend: let's meet the royal players in our sartorial game!

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A note on titles: I do not always use the 100% correct version of a royal title when referring to a person. I've heard from many readers that, particularly at large royal gatherings, they are unfamiliar with many of the people present and covered here. Therefore, I will often use whatever version of a title I feel is the easiest to understand and make connections with to get to the point without an extra 500 words on titles, protocol, and family connections. (There are many wonderful blogs out there for that purpose, this is not one of them.)

Key Players
These are the ladies that pop up here on a regular basis:

The Duchess of Cambridge
Representing: Britain
Title: HRH The Duchess of Cambridge
Birthday: 9 January 1982
She is: married to Prince William, future queen. Previously known as an ultra-famous, long-time royal girlfriend.
Her style: is all about playing it safe while she earns her royal cred.

Princess Letizia
Representing: Spain
Title: HRH The Princess of Asturias
Birthday: 15 September 1972
She is: the wife of Felipe, Prince of Asturias, and the next Queen of Spain. Mum to two girls.
Weaknesses: platform heels, business casual duds, Spanish high street fashions and Felipe Varela.

Crown Princess Mary
Representing: Denmark
Title: HRH The Crown Princess of Denmark
She is: the Australian-born wife of Crown Prince Frederik and the next Queen of Denmark. Mother of four.
Known for: mixing Danish designers and international fashion, with a special emphasis on Danish jewelry design and all things Prada.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit
Representing: Norway
Title: HRH The Crown Princess of Norway
Birthday: 19 August 1973
She is: wife to Crown Prince Haakon; future Queen of Norway. A former single mom and current mother of three.
Loves: things that are ruffled, hot shoes, Pucci, Valentino.

Queen Máxima
Representing: The Netherlands
Title: HM Queen Máxima, Princess of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau
Birthday: 17 May 1971
She is: the Argentinian wife of King Willem-Alexander. Mum to three girls known as the A-Team (Amalia, Alexia, and Ariane).
Known for: a closet filled with Natan and serious magpie bling whenever and wherever possible.

Crown Princess Victoria
Representing: Sweden
Title: HRH The Crown Princess of Sweden, Duchess of Västergötland
Birthday: 17 July 1977
She is: the oldest child of the King and Queen of Sweden, next up to reign. Recently married and currently expecting her first child.
Known for: amazing tiara appearances at her best, ponytails and a constant battle with maternity wear at her worst.

Queen Mathilde
Representing: Belgium
Title: HM The Queen of the Belgians
Birthday: 20 January 1973
She is: married to King Philippe. Mother of four.
Her style: is comfy mom-on-the-go with a penchant for Natan and a touch of Armani. Might as well share a closet with Queen Máxima some days. 

Other Royals
An exhaustive (and exhausting) guide to most other royals that have appeared on the blog. Grossly oversimplified, of course: royal family ties are complex!